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Remembrance Day

The children from Little Pips in Chippenham, and Little Pips in Cheltenham, spent the week making beautiful red and black hand-prints to form our super Poppy wreaths for Remembrance Day. We all talked about how the wreaths would be laid at the Cenotaphs in the town centres to remember our heroes. On Friday, a small group of our children walked into the towns to lay them down and to see all the other tributes, it was a day to remember for all involved.
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Hedgehog Visitors…

On Wednesday the 13th of November, the children from Little Pips Nursery on Lowden Avenue had some very special little visitors! Kim Goodridge a hedgehog rescuer, bought along 3 baby hedgehogs that she had rescued. The children learned that when the hedgehogs were babies, they were initially fed baby rice with goats’ milk, before eventually moving on to kitten food. They also learned about the hedgehogs’ homes, and how they make them. She also mentioned that if you are lucky enough to have these very special little visitors to your garden, you can buy a specialist hedgehog food from Wilkinsons. The children thoroughly enjoyed themselves, and the best bit was that they got to put their mittens on to hold them… So lucky!
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MacMillan Coffee Morning!

Friday the 29th September saw Little Pips Nursery on Lowden Avenue hold their annual “Big Coffee Morning” for Macmillan. The staff and children came together to bake cakes and biscuits to go along with tea and coffee, with Shannon Green from the Preschool room being named “star baker” for the second year on the trot! Many of our parents came along and joined us making generous donations to a worthy cause. Those who couldn’t make the coffee morning bought cakes to take away, and lots of cake and coffee were consumed during the event. We also ran the “Guess the Height of the Cake” sweepstake, which was won by Dylan Russell, congratulations to him! We are proud to say that we made over £120 for Macmillan. A big thank you, and well done to everyone!
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Tweezer Fun!

Our graduates have had a very busy session today building up their finger control using tweezers. This fun activity helped our little pips to strengthen their pincer and tripod grips in readiness for pencil control. The children giggled their way through a pom pom challenge, working in teams to try and move as many pom poms as possible onto the letter shapes. There were a few stray ones but I think everyone will agree that they did very well. Claire was working with the children as well today and was extremely impressed with their recognition of the a,b,c sounds as well as their hand control. Well done everyone!
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A Superhero Graduation!

Our graduation ceremonies were a wonderful occasion at both nurseries last week! After wonderful performances at both settings our parents watched as our oldest little pips received their graduation hats, certificates and lovely mirrors in a celebration ceremony which was enjoyed by everyone. We are so proud of our graduates and everything they have achieved. We feel confident that they are very ready for the next exciting stage in their development and we wish them the very best of luck.  Thank you to our fantastic staff for all of their hard work, our wonderful parents for all of their support and of course our amazing children for all of the fun and laughter we have had together. Please do remember to pop back and visit us!
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People Who Help Us!

Our Chippenham Little Pips had some very exciting visitors today! We were very pleased to welcome two police officers and their patrol car to our nursery. The children had a fantastic time learning about the helpful things that police officers do and also having the chance to sit in their car and press all of the exciting buttons! Shannon (one of our ladies) even had the chance to wear the body vest which she was very excited about! The children gave their fantastic thank you cards and some chocolate biscuits to the officers at the end of the visit. It was a fantastic morning, enjoyed by everyone. 
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Beautiful Butterflies!

We are very excited to be looking after some very sweet wriggly caterpillars at both of our nurseries. Following the huge excitement around our ducklings and our frogs, the children have now had the chance to watch as the caterpillars form cocoons and then emerge as beautiful ‘Painted Lady’ butterflies. What another wonderful experience!
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Our Ducklings Have Hatched!

We are the very proud guardians of 10 gorgeous fluffy ducklings. The eggs at both of our nurseries have now hatched and the ducklings have been exploring their new homes. The children have been fantastic, helping to care for them, feed and water them as well as remembering to be gentle when watching and handling them. It is incredible to see how quickly the ducklings change. Just yesterday they were weak and exhausted with wet feathers following their hatching. Today they are gorgeous fluffy bundles, full of energy and happily exploring their new home. This has been such an amazing experience for our children, really helping them to start thinking about lifecycles and how we care for living things. Please do pop in and see our new additions. Next week the children will be taking them for their first swim in one of our shallow trays. It could be fun!
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The Eggs Have Arrived!

We are very eggscited about our duck eggs which arrived at our nurseries on Tuesday this week. We have to wait for 28 days before our ducklings hatch so we have lots of fun activities Planned over the next few weeks. We will keep you updated with any news!
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Happy Red Nose Day!

Children at both of our nurseries are enjoying a fun filled day in celebration of Red Nose Day. We have had an incredible week with wonderful activities including dressing up days, onesie days and a host of exciting, adventurous activities. We were also very pleased to be able to treat our mummies to an early Mother’s Day Surprise with a freshly baked cake when they dropped off in the morning. What an amazing job you all do! Thank you so much to everyone who has contributed towards such a fantastic week!
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